Review On Maclaren Beginning Bath Set,From BabyDino


Precious Little Worlds got sent a lovely bundle of organic bath essentials for free from for the purpose of our blog to give a honest opinion on these items.

First will give you a little insight about BabyDino-


Who are we?

Babydino is a online retailer of baby and nursery products. You may well have figured that out by now from all the baby products for sale…

What do we know?

At Babydino we know that being a new parent can be hard. It’s a steep learning curve, and with all the new stuff you need it can be very expensive too. Did you know for example that families on average buy 2.55 buggies? (Not that you should rush out and buy an extra half a buggy or anything – you get what we mean.)
So how do you know, as new parents, which products really are the ‘must haves’?

We can tell you.

We can help you choose the right things for you and your family, from nappies through to your big purchases such as prams and car seats.

Why trust us?

Good question. We teach our kids never to talk to strangers right? And definitely not strangers on the internet.
You should trust us though because we’ve been there, done that. We know becoming a parent can feel daunting at times, and we want to help minimise some of the stress. We aren’t just out to sell you loads of gadgets we know you don’t really need – we genuinely want to help you find the perfect products for you and your growing family.
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We know everyone says it, but providing excellent customer service really does matter to us. For us it’s a huge part of proving that we are a brand you can trust.

So now you know a little more about  BabyDino , will now show and tell you about Maclaren Beginning Bath Set-


You will receive in your bath set-
X1 Canvas drawstring bag
X1 Gentle Softening Shampoo 8.4 oz.
X1 Gentle Moisturizing Hair Conditioner 8.4 oz.
X1 Replenishing Body Lotion 8.4 oz.
X1 Purifying Shower & Bath Elixir
All the items listed can be used on the whole family. When i saw the postman coming up our Avenue all i could think is please let it be the bath set and oh yes it was so i shouted my kids its bath time as dashed upstairs to find a wonderful bundle of bath goodies.
I must admit at first before i got the chance to review this set i did say to myself “what Maclaren do skin care items”. I think its because we are all know them for their pushchairs.
And yes even Daddy’s can enjoy as i found out the sneaky little monkey 🙂
Purifying Shower & Bath Elixir
With gentle cleansers and a clean citrus scent, beginning… Purifying Bath and Shower Elixir invigorates the body as well as the mind to refresh the whole family.
When running your bath pop a little of the elixir under the hot running tap and watch the bubbles fill your bathtub.
It features a special blend of 100% pure essential oils fantastic news all around for ours skins as its just so kind & gentle.You can spell the lush  (Orange Oil)
     Kids having fun in the bath!   

Gentle Softening Shampoo

Is formulated to be extra delicate on your baby’s delicate hair and skin. It cleanses without irritation. Natural surfactants remove impurities as glycerin hydrates. A comforting blend of lavender and mandarin essential oils help create a calming experience as they help nourish your baby’s skin.
The smell of the lavender is just divine,very good consistency from the shampoo not too runny Alfie sure was enjoying his hair being done.

Gentle Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

moisturises hair from root to tip with a hydrating blend of organic aloe and wheat protein that repairs as well as protects. Natural honey leaves hair soft and manageable whilst organic lavender and mandarin essential oils deliver a fresh aroma without synthetic perfumes.
Did leave the kids hair smooth and soft.
Ohhh does anyone see my Alfie,yes i see you.

Replenishing Body Lotion

With a soothing lavender scent, beginning… Replenishing Body Lotion hydrates mum’s skin all day and is gentle enough for baby too. A paraben-free blend of shea and cocoa butters deeply moisturise whilst organic aloe calms skin discomfort due to dryness. Avocado, almond, and chamomile oils combine with natural glycerin to guard against future dryness.
When Millie & Alfie came out of the bath i put some of the lotion all over them again with the Maclarens beginnings range the smell hits you straight away but without overpowering you.
What a fantastic bundle if you are looking for a gift for a well deserved new mum,all the bath items are cruelty-free and vegan.
Just love the fact they are all safe and all-natural.Do love that they strive in what they believe as the range in percentage of organic ingredients used, some 100% and some to 83%.  I have to say that my absolute favourite thing in the bundle would be the body lotion as i love lavender its so relaxing & calming. Also found my son Alfie fall straight to sleep after applying the lotion on him.I am very keen to also try some of the calming bath milk & comforting room mist that’s going to be on my list for this Christmas,hint hint to my partner.

                             The whole bundle is priced round £32.00
A big Thank You to BabyDino for letting Precious Little Worlds review Maclarens beginnings range.

All information plus other products can be found over on –

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