Ready For Easter

So who is ready for Easter? Well, if the answer is no then take a look what you could do this year.

I normally just go out and buy some chocolate eggs for the kids, but not this year as i am making my own Easter hamper baskets full of goodies.

Started off by going to one of my local country baskets store which has such a wide variety of products to feast your eyes on.I was on the look out for two baskets as i wanted one for my daughter & the other for my son i eventually found two wicker Easter baskets round £3.50 each what a bargain.


Also found some nice wooden spring hanging decorations plus shredded colored paper to line the bottom of the baskets. Came back home after getting a lot for my hamper baskets.


Started putting together each basket first by adding the shredded paper £1 each.

 Then tied on to the basket top a lovely wooden flower shape hanging decorations 96p each.

Easter Fluffy Chicken Box £1.07

Two little boxes, one blue & one orange £1 from the works with a few treats.

Set of chocolate carrots from card factory 99p for 6

You can also do like I did with my daughters and pop in some fluffy bunny ears & one very cute bunny rabbit soft toy all wrapped up in Easter warping paper for a little surprise. Added Easter sticker book, crackers, mini little chocolate eggs, oh and a golden bunny big Easter egg a the back.


My sons, I have put in a Mr Tumble big egg as he is crazy on him, with an Easter book plus a few treats, I do have a few more bits that have not come yet that I will be popping in once they come they are some very nice hand made easter eggs from Beebies Baby Store-


Fabric Fancies Mini Candy Eggs


A set of multi-coloured mini Fabric Fancies eggs handmade to order. The perfect treat this Easter!
Fabric Fancies Hot Cross Bun     round £8 each more can be found on their website,
As you can see it does not have to be so expensive, making your own I personally think you save money plus its a very nice home/handmade feel to Easter so why not have ago and see what you can come up with would love to know your thoughts.
Why not pop on a link to any of your Easter posts-
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