Olly The Little White Van DVD

At Precious Little Worlds blog, we got send a fantastic dvd of Olly The Little White Van to review for free in exchange for our honest opinion for this blog post.


Olly the Little White Van has all the character, playfulness and fun of a retriever puppy. Eager to please and full of energy, unsurprisingly he has lots of friends! Join Olly the Little White Van, Stan and the rest of the gang at Cartoonito.

Olly the Little White Van has lots of friends with very different kinds of characters. From Bazza – Olly’s pesky sidekick – to the
slow and steady Jethro the tractor, everyone plays an important role in the lively community. Olly and all his friends can talk and are happy driving around on their own or with their drivers! Olly has his ups and downs in a way that children can relate, to but essentially he has a sunny, smiley personality.

At first I was not sure if our daughter Millie was going to like it or even watch it as a 4 year old she is very stuck in her ways on tv show and how’s what she wants and does not , but I have to say once we sat her down and told her to watch out for a little white van she soon settle down to watch.

In the Dvd we got EP53- Suzys Makeover
EP54-Skyscraper Caper
EP55-Bumpton Buses
EP56-The Mystery Of The Bumpton Ghost
EP57-Duck And Over

Olly the Little White Van (voiced by Justin Fletcher)

On the first episode Suzie breaks down so is taken to Mick’s garage to be mended, but Bazza convinces her that because she is getting old, she also needs a makeover.

Millie was getting so excited saying “look mummy its the little white van


She got more and more into them I was very happily surprised.

I think Olly The Little White Van is super for kids its so much fun and very colourful plus eye catching for kids to engage with, each episode is short but are action packed as sometimes if a show runs for a long time they can get disinterested in them .

Will sure have you and your kids singing along!

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