Millies 4th Birthday Cake Review With Cake Angels

Disclaimer- Precious Little Worlds was sent free some baking goodies from Cake Angels in exchange for our honest review.

So who are Cake Angels!

At Cake Angels our aim is to be discreetly supportive in enabling and empowering you to go on to Make Heavenly Creations.  As your creative Guardian Angel, we will provide you with the inspiration, tools, hints & tips that will enhance and guide your creativity.  With you every step of the way, Cake Angels will provide simple, fail safe ideas for all occasions that deliver great results and turn those who have a love of baking and creating into family heros.
Ideas are there to be shared and compared and our site offers the perfect forum for you to upload your creations, pass on hints and tips and showcase your creativity that will encourage others to try out new things, enhance their skills, and give you a real sense of achievement and pride at the same time.

Cake Angels have everything covered for all your baking needs to decorate your idea cake down to some scrummy marshmallow toppings.

What we at  Precious Little Worlds got in our goodie bag.

x1 Cake Angels, Mini Marshmallows
x1 Cake Angels, Chocolate Fudge Icing
x1 Cake Angels,  Pack Of Candles
x1 Cake Angels, Chocolate Passion Sprinkle Set
x2 Cake Angels, Sweet Treats Icing Decorations

I will be making a few baking treats with each of the items.

First up I am going to a two tier birthday cake for my daughters 4th birthday on the 25th of march.

Will be using a Victoria sponge recipe, I will not give you all the measurement’s as I bought some Lékué baking accessories / silicon cake tins and are hard to find, so don’t want to mess your own recipes about this one is tailored to this set of tins. But I did use butter , sugar , eggs and self-raising flour.

My hubby to be had, just bought me a baking electric mixer that day as well so could not wait to get stuck in to try it out.

First, I creamed together the butter & the sugar with my mixer till nice and creamy, then added eggs bit by bit after that the flour and blended to make all mixture smooth and mixed in.

Divided my mixture into my two tins then put in the oven ,it did take a long time as I had lots of mixture in both.

When out of the oven, place on cooling tray and waiting round 45minurs for them to cool.

Took some off to top of the cake so it looked even then divided the cake by putting a sharp knife throughout the cake .

Then take some of the gorgeous Cake Angels chocolate fudge icing into the middle of the cake I did have to get some hot water and dip my spreading knife into it to get the fudge to a nice consistency to spread.

Topped with fresh raspberries bought from my local farm shop.

Went on to doing my bottom cake-

So for the big cake at the bottom I put on jam ,fresh cream and strawberries.

After it was time to sort out the ready made icing for the covering of the cake and can I just say this is the first time ever I have put fondant icing on so was very scared.

Put some icing sugar down so that the ready mad icing would not stick, then worked the icing for a few minutes to get it to a more manageable texture to roll out with my icing little roller , we all done rolled to the right size I warmed some apricot jam so be the base for the icing fondant to stick to then after got the icing I had done and placed it over the cake . I did find some cracks and found it very hard to smooth, but it was my first time.

And the result isssssssssssssssssssss

Happy 4th Birthday Millie ( 25th March )
Thank you so much to Cake Angels
More baking to come soon watch this space —–

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