Happy 4th Birthday Millie

Ohhhhhhhhh I can’t believe it well todays the day when my princess Millie turned 4 years old.

We have all come along way as Millie was born 10 weeks early.


It’s been a long rocky road and even though she is 4 today there is so much care and work to be done for the rest of her life as Millie has hydrocephalus, but today we are celebrating the gift that she is still with us at it such a blessing.
As Millie was getting lots of gifts I like to give a little something to my son Alfie so he does not feel left out, he ended up with in the night garden magazine which had a little small ninky nonk on which he used loved.


Millie had a lovely birthday ended the day with a nice meal with our family plus had a play area which kept them going .

Thank you to everyones birthday messages to Millie.

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