Shoplet UK- Drywipe + Cork Board
Disclaimer:Shoplet UK sent us over at precious little worlds blog a dry wipe + cork board for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog .

Drywipe + Cork Board-

5 Star (600 x 400mm) Combination Noticeboard Cork and Drywipe

  • Lightweight dual purpose board.
  • Pine frame.
  • Half drywipe board and half cork pinboard.

When you receive your board you will find the item wrapped around in a plastic film,you will also find a marker pen and some pins for your board plus two hooks.

Now I have to say when I saw the two hook I did think how do I put this on my wall, then my partner told me I would also need some screws to attach them to the wall with the ones I got with the board. I did think why could they not put the screws in with the pack as well ?

When finally got the board placed you could tell by the feel of the item it was one of good quality, what I especially like about it is that you have two sides, one with the cork as you can see we hanged all my daughters letters up and the other side to write down with your marker your to do list or if you are like me with kids all my daughter’s hospital appointments.

I just wish there was a little attachment on the board so I could fit the marker pen on.

Really good value compared to other office stationary places plus you can tell with Shoplet UK you can rely on he good quality ,this board has been hanging in my kitchen for a few weeks now with no problems.

All in all this is a fantastic all around notice /message board so very handy as we as a family have been struggling to keep all our daughter’s hospital appointments together and remembering them all this is such a good board for our family and has helped us out a lot.

You can find all other information about the Drywipe + Cork Board over on this link –

Thank you once again to Shoplet UK #shopletreviews.

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