Sensory Bottles

  Glitter calming bottles

We have been having lots of fun this weekend making some fantastic glitter calming bottles.

You will need


Glitter Glue

Glitter (optional)

Hot water



There are so many different options you can do and add will show you some we did.

We used small bottles for ours, so first I got some hot water and filled the little bottle with the hot water not far from the top, then tipped it out into a bowl, then squeezed some glitter glue into the bowl of hot water, then took my whisk and give it a very good whisk as sometimes you will find the glitter glue will not mix so you need to give it a good mix round so all glitter glue has separated with the water.

If it looks like you don’t have enough glitter glue in, just add some more, but you must mix it around again .

You can add some normal glitter if you wish to it if you want.

Once all the mixed, pour back into your bottle if too much water just tip some out so you can pop the top on and your done.

Even experiment as me and my daughter made with different colours / glitter or even filling jars up with cake decorating baubles its up to you!

They are so fantastic and fun for your kids to do so eye -catching with the bright fun colours.

I do like to give a little bottle to my daughter before bed to watch as I do find it helps her settle down.



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