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Precious Little Worlds blog was sent a few samples from Nom Nom kids for free in exchange for our honest review.

About Nom Nom Kids-

Our Story

I am a mum of 2 young children, Stanley will be 3 soon and Nancy is 14 months old. Life as a mum hasn’t all been plain sailing and both kids have challenged me with feeding and drinking issues at times. Store bought, pre-filled pouches helped Stanley through teething and Nancy through her refusal to drink anything stage. Pouches have helped us through illnesses, car journeys and have always been a lunch box staple. In the early days of weaning I also found them fantastic for feeding using a spoon whilst out and about.
I have always wished that I could fill pouches myself with the kid’s favourite yogurts or my own purees in those early days of weaning. When the kids needed antibiotics it would have been great to be able to put the nasty medicine into the pouch along with some healthy fruit. It could have saved a lot of tears.
After having Nancy and going through weening a 2nd time I started to search if a reusable pouch existed on the market and found a few, but none really caught my eye. Some required their own filling stations, others were too large for small hands and tummies. I found a few cute ones in the US and Australia but they were expensive and had very small openings which made me wonder if they would really get clean. Mostly I really felt that there was nothing on the market that would appeal to a toddler / child so I started to think…….what if I made some myself.
Fortunately I have 15 years experience in sourcing and development so I started to design the perfect pouch for my children.  It’s taken me a while to perfect the Nom Nom Reusable Pouch and find the best suppliers to support me but I’ve done it.  I am really pleased with our first product and my kids think it’s fantastic. What more can a mother want!
I really hope you will love your Nom Nom Reusable Pouch as much as we do.

You can get x3 pouches plus tops for £6.95.

Who can use the Nom Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouch?

Weaning Babies

The Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouch is perfect for weaning babies. The pouch is freezer safe so you can make up batches of purees and freeze until you need them. When out and about the pouch can be heated up in a bowl of water quickly.  So much quicker and easier than a jar or tupperware container! (and a lot more fun!). Other mums will be very jealous. Take a look at our Baby Weaning article for more help and information.

9 month +

From 9 months a baby is dexterous enough to hold the pouch and feed themselves from the spout. It can take a few goes before they get the hang of it and you might get covered in puree a couple of times but they soon get it! Try making a puree or smoothie a little bit thicker if you have a squeezy child that wants to squirt out the contents rather than suck and gradually reduce the thickness as they learn to suck properly. Some babies might prefer you holding the pouch initially until they work out how to control the flow and then they will be happy to take full control.


At this age you certainly won’t be using the pouch for meals, it really will be a snack or dessert pouch only. Your toddler can feed easily and free of mess from the pouch. They can be trusted to eat in the car, in the pushchair and sat on the sofa without squirting puree everywhere. If your toddler attends a nursery where you provide their food, the pouch is a fantastic way to send in yogurts and smoothies to ensure that they get a healthy snack or dessert during the day. This is particularly helpful if your toddler is a bit fussy with eating whole fruits.


Generally Pre-Schools operate a packed lunch policy and anything that doesn’t get eaten gets sent home…..that’s including a pot of half consumed yogurt! The Nom Nom Kids Reusable Pouch on the other hand can be re-sealed if it’s only partially consumed and will not leak in your child’s lunch box. You also don’t need to remember to send in a spoon with their yogurt. The pouch is also a great way to give your worn out little one a snack on the way home from a busy day at school. A fruit puree or smoothie is a great way to give them some energy for the walk or scoot home but not fill them up too much before tea.

Fill me

  1. Blow into the spout to fully open the pouch and reveal the roaring lion! Replace the cap.
  2. Open the pouch by pulling the side tabs apart. If using the pouch for the very first time give the pouch a wash as below cleaning instructions.
  3. Stand the pouch on its side and fill using a spoon or jug.
  4. Fill the pouch up as far as the top of the window on the back. For 100ml fill close to the middle of the window.
  5. Seal the zip lock whilst squeezing out any excess air. This will help keep your snack fresher for longer.
  6. Pack in your lunchbox, freeze for another day or keep in the fridge for upto 2-3 days.

At first when I was setting up my first pouch I found it a little hard as I was trying on my own to pop the yogurt into the pouches with a spoon it did get a little messy I have to say and encountered a few problems as one of the pouches it would not clip plus food seeped out and wasted about 3 yogurts but soon got that sorted and went on to doing my 2nd pouch, so I bet you are thinking well all you need to do is pop your food in the pouch well here are a few things you need to do before showing above, you must do them to get the most out of the pouches.

What I did find is the eye catching animal design fantastic for getting your kids attention.

I had another go with a new pouch I did still have a bit of mess putting it in but not as bad as the first attempt I got the clip on the side to press tightly closed this time with no food coming out I handed it to my daughter and she loved it.

You also have the added feature on the back of your pouch to write your kid’s name on which is so good if you are popping them into your kids lunch boxes.

After and how to clean –

Clean me

    1. Remove the cap and run it under a warm tap to remove any excess food.
    2. Open the pouch at the zip side and fill with warm water to open the gusset up wide.
    3. If washing by hand use a bottle brush or cloth to wash in warm soapy water. Ensure that all food is removed from the spout by running water through it and using the bottle brush. Do the same with the cap.
    4. If washing in the dishwasher, insert the open pouch into the top tray with the zip opening facing down. For best results place it over 2 – 3 of the spikes to keep it open. Place the cap in the cutlery section. You will notice that the Nom Nom Kids Snack Pouch has drainage channels to prevent water ‘pooling’ in the under side of the gusset. You may need to loosen or expand the opening with a pen or the handle of a spoon.
    5. Once cleaned, shake off excess water and leave to dry with the pouch kept open or use immediately.

Every now and again it is advised to sterilise the pouch in a sterilising solution such as Milton. Do not use a steam or microwave steriliser as this may damage the pouch.

My conclusions on non nom kids pouches

I think the pouches have there up and downs I can see what nom nom kids are trying to do as they are very good if you make most of your food from scratch but I am not totally convinced. I am already getting from the supermarket x4 pouches 90g for round £1.10 and with nom nom you get x3 for £6.95 but with nom nom can be cleaned and used again, but our you really saving money as with us still need to buy yogurts to put in !

They are good for traveling and not as messy for the kids as often in the car my kids, they get hungry on long trips so very handy in this situation.  

I am sitting on the fence with this one for now why not give them ago and come back and tell me your thoughts on the pouches are.

Big Thank You Nom Nom Kids. +Nom Nom Kids


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