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Disclaimer:  Beebies Baby Store sent us over at Precious Little Worlds blog some fabric fancies vegetable play set for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog.

About Beebies Baby Store

Beebies Baby Store provides high quality, affordable baby products in the UK and is run by Ami Holt, in Kent. With an ever growing product range and multiple fantastic reviews, at Beebies Baby Store you’re bound to find the right product for you! If you can’t … just ask and we’ll see what we can do!

Where it all Began…
Beebies was born in June 2011. I was studying for my A Levels, and my boyfriend’s family who are much older than me, all began to have babies – and therefore the invites to numerous Baby Showers came flooding in.
As a 17 year old on a weekend wage, I really struggled to find gifts that were practical, pretty & affordable all at the same time. I’ve never really been one to give a ‘thoughtless’ gift and I wasn’t about to change that. So I put together gift baskets filled with useful baby essentials. They caused quite a stir and so I decided to try and start a business out of them, promising to offer pretty, practical & affordable baby gifts. I put together a make shift website –http://brassm.wix.com/beebiesbabystorebrand and ticked happily along for about a year, selling to friends and family and the odd contact I had met through the Kent Foundation – a charity based in Kent supporting young entrepreneurs who awarded me with the ‘Peer Award’ for the business people felt had the most potential.

As the business grew, teachers, parents etc expressed their concerns that I wasn’t concentrating hard enough on school work, and that without going to university I would leave school with no back up, no fundamental ‘qualification’. I’m 19, with a full set of GCSE’s and good A Level results, working full time at an Estate Agents as an administrator while I continue to make Beebies Baby Store the success I know it will be.

So now you all know a little more about Beebies Baby Store I will now tell you what we have been up to in our house over the weekend with the kids.

My daughter Millie will be 4 years old this march and she was very keen on all the role play activities so last year we got Millie a market stall so when I got the chance to review some fabric vegetables I jumped at the chance as Millie would love this on her stall.

Fabric Fancies Vegetable Play Set £30

What do I get in my fabric fancies vegetable play set.

A beautifully detailed fabric fancies play food set consisting of a cauliflower, 3 runner beans, 3 carrots, potato, an onion, 3 mushrooms, 2 tomatoes and a pepper. Each item is handmade and finished with the most intricate detail. 

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of this product, patterns and colour ways may vary slightly. They are handmade to order, please allow sufficient time for the making process.



I surprised Millie by setting out all the market ready for her little customers. 

What I looked at as a parent is how well made the individual vegetables are, as I don’t want any small pieces to come apart and for my 19month old son Alfie to come along and start finding bits of them, but I can honestly say we have had them for around 3 weeks now and all still instated with no problems, they are so well made you do not have to worry about this as I have looked at each toy veg and none has any pieces or string or other bits holding it together coming off.

Millie got so excited when she saw her new stall all set out.



Having fun is fantastic for our kids, but also incorporating creativity and imagination, plus introducing important learning skills from play foods are true structure to help learn and thrive, helps children to develop social skills learn about colors, shapes, and nutrition’s.They are all very sturdy felt fabric pieces.

You can also buy fruit set or even individual items such as fabric play toy bananas /  Pineapple plus lots more which will be good for educating kids about the importance of each food, Good way Is to spread out all the toy food and let them count even putting toy food into the 4 major food groups- meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy and grain.

My daughter does have a lot of complex problems, some of which are hyper sensitivity- as she finds it difficult processing everyday sensory information such as sounds, sights and
smells mostly to do with her hydrocephalus. So I did think at first she might have a problem with the feel of them, but I was wrong as Millie told me and could recognise that the fabric was nice and soft.
For a real quality role play experience you need to provide lots of opportunities for social interaction and objects that will promote open ended play.

Why not pop over to the website  – http://www.beebiesbabystore.com/ 
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/BeebiesBabyStoreA big thank you to Beebies Baby Store.

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