Pipsy Koala- Kangaroo Backpack Safety Harness & Reins


Thank you to the wonderful Pipsy Koala we at precious little worlds have been given the chance to review one of their items for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

First, I would like to tell you a little more about the company –

Pipsy Koala – A brief history of mine.

Pipsy Koala isn’t just a name, he’s my childhood bear. A good, strong, solid kind of bear I could always rely on to bravely accompany me on whatever adventures we took together.
He was a rather special kind of bear.  We first met when I was 3 years old, after he’d flown all the way over from Australia with my Grandmother. We were introduced at the airport, I gave him his name and we decided there and then to be best friends. He stood by my side all through my childhood, enjoyed all my games and stories and even tolerated the knitted martian he was forced to spend time with in the toy box.
He’s still with me of course, but he’s not up for so many adventures these days, but then he’s pushing 40 and has earned a quieter life.    I don’t think he’s still in touch with the martian.
I wanted to produce a range of practical, effective, no-nonsense, just does what its supposed to, items for Mums and Dads and their babies under a brand that they could rely on and trust to stand the test of time… and so of course there was only one name I could chose.
Pipsy Koala is dedicated to bringing you reasonably priced, good quality, useful and effective products to help make life with your baby a little easier, because then you’ve got more time to spend having adventures together!

Up for review is –

Kangaroo Backpack Safety Harness & Reins £19.99

Kenny The Kangaroo backpack harness has been designed by Pipsy Koala and Goldbug, the number one name in themed harnesses, so you can be assured it is top quality.
The child-friendly harness keeps your child safe and close, and adjusts as your child grows. The buckle allows easy on-off access allowing it to be used as a regular backpack when the rein is not required. The long, 3-foot rein allows your little adventurer to move about while still under parent’s control.

  • Suitable from 18 months +
  • Ideal for public places
  • Includes fun pouch for toys
  • Easy to use! Fun to wear! Adjustable straps
  • Made of 100% polyester – Machine washable
  • Complies to British Standards BS EN 13210:2004
I am testing the Kangaroo backpack harness on my son Alfie who is 18months +

Backpack comes in very well presented box with full instructions as followed- 

Fitting the backpack harness 
Place your child’s arms through the harness straps
Clip the clasp in front together until it clicks securely shut
Tighten the shoulder and waist straps to pull the harness closer to your child , ensuring that the harness remains centrally located on your child’s back.
Adjust the straps until a snug fit is achieved and ensure your child is comfortable .

Attaching the harness lead
Attach rein – lead to the clasp located at the lower back of the harness until it clicks shut. Ensure that the clasp is safely and securely fastened before use.
Pull hard downwards on the lead to ensure it is tightly fastened secure and does not slip open . Do not attach the rain-lead to any other part of the harness.
Use the hand loop on the rein-lead to maintain a secure grip at all times .

Hear he is Alfie for the first time on his Backpack Safety Harness & Reins, it did take a little time for him to get into having the backpack on as a few times kept turning his head and reaching out for it but that’s the whole part of exploring .


Alfie running away from me with his daddy the cheeky monkey he did get very excited

as we take him out on a adventure to one of our shopping centres .
We also put in some little snacks into the backpack you cant fit very much into it but it sure comes in handy .
holding the loop rains are very comfy they don’t irritate your hands and dig into you as I have found with others ,I also think its nice as they get more older they will be able to associated the kangaroo with going out and even having something to cuddle as I found out yep my daughter Millie got whiff of it and wanted ago .


This was absolutely incredibly for Millie to do this as she has hydrocephalus and has left her with lots of problems one is walking as she walks on her tip toes ass you can see in the pictures Millie has special shoes (Piedro rehabilitation shoes ) most of the time she has to be carried around by us .
I was overwhelmed when I saw her wanted to put it on and she did keep it on and was very well behaved.
The long, 3-foot rein is very good as it gives them lots of space , clips are very secure no problem with them coming apart .
All in all I do think its been a very positive result all round for us all I never expected Millie to respond so well I do think Alfie needs more practice to get used to it more if Millie does not hog it again lol .
Would sure recommend to give it ago on your kids .
Pop over to – http://www.pipsykoala.com/ and take a look  at lots of other products they have .
Thank you pipsy koala.



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