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Disclaimer: sent me at (precious little worlds) blog the opportunity to review one of there make your own books for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog .


The aim of each unique book is to help your child develop a love of reading. It does this by presenting photographs which reflect your child’s world and relating them to simple words. Research shows that if your child loves books they will learn to read much faster and you will be encouraging a lifelong love of reading.
The key words in each book are known as high frequency words which are some of the first words your child will be taught to recognise when they start school. As they start to recognise these key words on sight (also know as the ‘look and say’ method of learning) their confidence builds.
Over the years the way of teaching children to learn to read has changed, although the current favoured method in British primaries is through phonics there is still a lot of emphasis on comprehension, high frequency words (often referred to as tricky words) and reading for pleasure.

Now you all know a little more about love 2 read I will show you & explain how you can make your own books .

The book I made on the website is to help my 3 year old daughter to recognise and understand more about her family plus when Millie was in special care as she was born 10 weeks early .

You pop in or click this link – and it will take you to love 2 read website go to one of the tabs at the top that says CREATE it will take you do a page that shows you lots of books for eg – My dad – my first year and so on you can look at demos of some books made but when you find the one you would like just press on make it.

I chose my book –

You should see a page like this one when you click on your chosen one it will tell you – Your first four photos are used to generate the front cover.
Press next and you can put on this book belong to —-it will ask you to pop the name in & you can leave a message I put love from mummy & daddy .
Click on upload picture then find the one you would like for your first page also you can change the colour of the boarders I gave Millie’s a pink one . So you up load and type in the words of you book for the rest of the book you can also review and go back and change if you like ,when you are done press the order button type in all the information and pay and wait for you book to come its that easy .
Our carefully designed books combine keywords with your photos to bring reading to life for your child.

I was so happy when the book came it looked absolutely amazing .

Millie just loved her new book.
The love 2 read book price are RRP of – £14.99
Millie wanted to look at it first she said “mummy look look its me “
Thought that was so nice see could recognize herself in the book after a few times asking her can mummy read it with you she let me . It was a little hard for me sometimes looking at the pictures as it still hurts me what we went through as a family with Millie been 10 weeks early and having hydrocephalus but put a brave face on and read this is Millie when she was poorly in hospital she did say ” yes mummy I was not well ” . I also put a photo of me & my bump when I was pregnant with my son Alfie to get her to see how she would understand that she has a little brother and she did 🙂 it was so nice to see her big smile on her face .
All in all I think Love 2 Read is a fantastic way to get kids to learn from colourful photos and words sure has helped my daughter to recognize pictures of her family & to get her involved .
Will be giving Love 2 Read books a 5 out of 5 star rating .
Thank you to +love2read  for letting precious little worlds get involved in reviewing one of their books .

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