LED HUT Led Christmas String Lights

Precious Little Worlds got a chance to review some lovely festive Christmas lights for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog- thank you too LED HUT

Are you looking for some festive Christmas lights well look no further .

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LedHut Ltd supplies LED products to customers throughout Europe. The LedHut headquarters are located in Jersey (Channel Islands) with an operational base in Winchester, Great Britain.  Both locations showcase the range of products on offer via two show rooms with the added ability of being able to purchase/pick up from two Trade Outlets. LedHut now has additional sites serving customers in France and Germany.
LedHut Ltd started trading in March 2011 and has been quick to establish itself as one of the leading providers of LEDs into the United Kingdom.  Offering competitively priced products, strong product guarantees, the right product certifications and with a great UK delivery service, LedHut is the preferred supplier of LED products for many customers.
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Over the past year LedHut has replaced over 900,000 standard lights with Energy Saving LED Lights, resulting in total customer savings of over a £3,500,000 which has led to the reduction of over 3000 tonnes of Carbon Emissions.
Save yourself money and save the planet…just change your lights to LED lights…it’s that simple!

5m Indoor/Outdoor Christmas LED String Lights – Multiple Effects – 4 Colours.

RRP £23.99

5 Metre long multi coloured LED Indoor /Outdoor Christmas string lights on IP44 weatherproof green cable.  50 bulbs in total (1 bulb every 10 cm).
Multi Colour:  Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

The unit is fitted with a function switch which has 8 modes:
1-Fast Fade
2-Random Fade
3-Random Flash
5-Fast Flash
6-Slow Fade
8-On Static.


On getting the lights out of the box I did get a little excited and getting into the spirit of Christmas as we have a fibre optic Christmas tree this year so was looking at different ways to decorate one of the rooms with the led lights .

So I got the idea of lights in a glass bowl as I have seen this done in shops and does look very good so my partner & I went out to the shops to get one large glass bowl some stones to pop in the bottom .

Did spend a little more than I wanted to on the stones round £20 for the big tub , glass bowl round £10 . Just like to say the bowl & gems I got from one of my local shops .

When finished putting the gems & lights in well I must say they looked wonderful if I do say so myself .

Was also thinking they would look good all year round if you wanted to as I have found my daughter who has sensory needs just loves looking at them .



                                                            What do you think !

At Led Hut you have .5 Year Warranty  .30 Day Hassle Free Returns

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