Blogger Secret Santa

As a mummy blogger this year on one of our blogger forums we are doing a secret Santa for one of our other bloggers who have opted in to give and receive a Christmas present for the secret santa .

Can’t tell you who or what I put in the box but it was one nice get of gifts for my blogger .

There was a limit but I went over no surprise there for me just love to see people smile 🙂

Just when I was thinking mine had forgot about me look what came ekkkkkkkkk .

I did open the outer parts as I knew we were popping in a card so wanted to put the card up & also a lovely letter did not say the name of the blogger but I wanted to say a big thank you I have not opened the presents yet but my daughter Millie did pinch the gold chocolate coins out of the box lol  🙂

They do look all very nice I will tell you what was inside after Christmas , a huge thank you to my blogger secret Santa .

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