As a very keen coffee lover when I saw Tassimo wanted people to test out their chilled drinks range I jumped at the chance , about a few weeks later got a email to say I had been chosen I was so excited and could not wait to get testing out some fantastic drinks .

My pack came with –

x1 iced Cappuccino disc
x1 iced Espresso disc
x1 iced Chocolate drink disc
x1 iced Green Tea disc.

You must have a Tassimo machine to use the dics

I have the tassimo fidelia machine already as a gift from my hubby .

You also get a guide for each drink and how to prepare your desired drink .

For my chosen drink I was going to use the iced cappuccino tab disc –

You will need

Latte glass
Ice cubes
Espresso pod
Milk pod
Your iced Cappuccino t-disc

This one is just for a more simple chilled drink you could add other options .

First you take 3 ice tubes and place them in the bottom of your drinks glass .

Then take your Espresso pod & iced Cappuccino t-disc ( it does say your milk first but did it is way for a change its up to you )
Place the iced Cappuccino t-disc  over your Espresso pod with the barcode facing up
so you can flip the pod into your machine then your barcode will be facing down to the scan bit so it can read how much water in needed .
 Do you same with your milk after your coffee one has finished all as you did with the first one.

 Milk has been drawn thought your machine .
After that stir around add a few more ice cubes and top with cream and sprinkles .
And this is the result

More information on Tassimo products can be found at https://www.tassimo.co.uk/  website or Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TassimoUK

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