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About Item –

GOING Swing is the new name for BOING Swing and now has a detachable lanyard so that the ball can be used separately.
Going swing light balls are part of the dynamic Active People Toys range.
They change colour at a squeeze of the hand but come with a lanyard so they can be carried, swung or worn round the neck.

Going Swing has an ergonomically designed ribbed rubber core that is really tactile. When turned off Going Swing is attractive enough but it really come’s alive when pressed.
Clicking Going Swing’s button lights up the ball working through a series of different static colours with each press. There are also two random colour modes.
Children will love to swish Going Swing around with the lights off making ‘sparkler’ style light traces.

Key features:

  • Swing ball or mood light.
  • Shock resistant rubber core.
  • Displays 7 different colours.
  • Has 3 different light modes
  • Size:

5cm dia Batteries:3 x 1.5V (AG10) included Lanyard: 39cm long.

So that’s a little information about the item taken from the site .

First of all as I am sure my regular blog viewers with know my daughter is disabled with hydrocephalus and has a lot of sensory issues so what a fantastic opportunity to test the GOING Swing  Sensory Ball .

Item packaging

Ball came with very minimal packaging just a cardboard around the ball to keep in place , very good sleek packaging .

On the cardboard it did not really give you good incrustation on how to set up so i did have to pop onto the website and check how to set the item up .

Putting item together

You take the ball and place the lanyard blue tip point into the red fixture attached to the ball so it locks in . Press down on the ball firmly so the lights come on you can press again and more times to change colours .

Few Problems

I did find a few problems when I tried to get the lanyard point back out it also brought out the red fixture with it as well ?????

And when my daughter was trying to play the game with it swinging the ball just flung off straight away was confusing because I’m sure it should not do that straight away as my daughter did not even swing it full around .

Millie is having a lot of fun .

I am not convinced with the swing game as it just did not seem to work and Millie got a bit frustrated as it kept coming off all the time .

But I do think its so much better as a ball or even with the lanyard & ball round Millie’s next as it has helped us with car travel’s out in the dark as Millie gets scared about the dark but with the ball round her she sure felt more safe .

Round up

I will be giving it a star rating of 3 star out of 5 as I think a few things could be changed but all in all Millie loved looking and been simulated by all the lights .
And I have seen they do a larger ball so I am very keen to get my hands on one for my daughter .


I would like to thank  and  Active Learning and Educational Resources for sending precious little worlds the item for free in exchange for our honest review .


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