Infasense Justafit ADJUSTABLE sleepsuits


Infasense sent me one of their adjustable sleepsuites for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog .

About Infasense

Our Story

The Justafit range was developed after a comment made by our midwife on a home visit. Our eldest son Nicholas was 17 months old when our daughter Lois was born. Bedtime was approaching when our midwife visited for a routine check-up and Nicholas was ready for bed in his sleepsuit. She commented on the dangers presented by the sleepsuit legs being too long and how he would trip and fall.
We had been experiencing this problem for a while including a number of trips and tumbles as well as frustrated faces and whinges as he was standing on the fabric of one sleepsuit leg with the other foot!  His sleeves were also too long and kept dipping in his breakfast! We were unable to find any existing solutions or products in the shops to help us, so decided to create our own.
Infasense Ltd was born in June 2012 with the aim of creating sensible yet innovative products to make life with younger children easier and safer.
In partnership with a local company, Centreline Design Ltd, the Justafit velcro adjustable sleepsuits are the first products to be launched.
Created by parents to make the lives of parents easier.

You can pick different colours this one is the Crystalline Teal  you get x2 in one pack for RRP £18 .99  6-9 month up to age 2-3 years .


Crystalline Teal Justafit velcro adjustable sleepsuits; baby and toddler onesie. Twin pack containing two sleepsuits of the same colour. Made from 100% cotton.

  • – Baby and toddler adjustable sleepsuits
  • – Twin pack
  • – 100% cotton.

First impressions –

I was very happily surprised by the material of the sleepsuite as I have never felt or had one like this before , just was so soft and had a very good give to it .

I bet you are all thinking well its just like any other sleepsuite well No it is not as you will see it has adjustable Velcro wrist band plus on ankles I do not know of any baby/ toddler sleepsuites such as the infasense justafit ones .

What I find very good for my little boy is that you can get the next size up and if its a bit too big then all you have to do is adjust the Velcro straps so your kids are not tripping up all over the place on the leg bottoms as I have found out so many times .

Alfie all happy 🙂

They look and feel so comfortable and very long lasting.

HYGIENICThe adjustable wrist straps prevent hands hiding in the sleeves giving full access to toys as well as preventing sleeves that are too long dipping into food.

SAFEThe adjustable ankle straps reduce the risk of trips and falls from sleepsuits being too long.

All in all they are a fantastic baby/toddler item sure will recommend to friends & family and also my blogging & social community .

To Infasense for letting precious little worlds test out the sleepsuit .

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