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Carte Noire kindly sent precious little worlds some coffee products for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog .

As a coffee lover well one had to be with a 3 year old and 17 months running riot in the house so it’s nice just to sit down for a nice good coffee.

I am sure you all do know the brand Carte Noire but if not we have a little info about them .

About –
As ice extinguishes fire, a shower of cold water instantly stops the roasting process at the very precise moment to capture flavours and aroma at their best…

Carte Noire is the leading premium coffee brand in France. The brand also is steadily building a super-premium position in other markets.

Items for review –  Carte Noire Instinct Tin Coffee 95g
Carte Noire Instant Refil Coffee 80g

Description of Carte Noire Instinct Tin Coffee

Fine-milled instant and roast & ground
100% Arabica coffee
A blend of instant coffee and roast and ground coffee
Carte Noire Instinct is a distinctively smooth and silky coffee. That’s because Instinct is our first Wholebean Instant, meaning we’ve captured all the qualities of roasted coffee beans and combined them with our finest instant to create a coffee that has a noticeably different taste and aroma.

When you first open the top of the tin you will find that it has a sealed removable inner tab , was very easy to open will not get and cuts on your hands .

What hit me the most was the amazing aroma of coffee just love the same of coffee especially in a morning .The coffee beans I found looked very nice and small but with a nice smooth texture .

To prepare the coffee is so simple just add a few small scoops of the coffee beans into your cup add the water from your kettle but remember try to not let the water over boil as this spoils the coffee add your desired amount of hot water pop in your milk and your done .

Ohhh yes you cant have a coffee without some biscuits yum yum !

Both the smell & taste of the coffee is so fresh ,plenty of flavour and smooth . From the tin you can make up to 52 cups of coffee RRP of  £4.99 so you are getting your money’s worth .

Then we have the Carte Noire Instant Refil Coffee 80g

This Eco Refill pack contains 82% less packaging weight, per gram of coffee.

RRP of – £3.49

With the refill pack you get 44 cups out of the package I know its a lot better for the environment but I do find the refill pack a bit fiddly and find as well when transferring the coffee into your tin it just seems to go all over the place and you waste a lot of coffee .

All in all it’s been great reviewing the Carte Noire Instinct wholebean instant .

We at precious little worlds will be rewarding this rage a very good 4 out of 5
We have given it this because it is a very good coffee but its just missing a little wow factor .

A big thank you to the Carte Noire team for letting us review the products .

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