My Dream Garden


Very excited to be joining in with  +Tots100  & +Activity Toys Direct to become a play ambassador .

They have set a challenge – details on your dream garden. What plants and features would you add? What would you change? And most importantly of all – which of the fab toys from the Activity Toys Direct website would you buy to provide a fab outdoor space where your children will love to play?

What could you Win –  £750 to spend on their garden makeover!

This is an amazing opportunity for our family at precious little worlds as I sure some may know I have two scrumptious kids, Millie who I am mostly doing this fab blog task for to improve her quality of life .
Yes some might be thinking who and what’s wrong well I will take you on a little journey round 3 years back in 2010 .

Millie was born 10 weeks early on the 25th of march 2010 it was one hell of a shock for us all Millie was a tiny 3lbs & 12oz .

About a week later Millie had a routine head scan we did not think much of it at the time as we where all concentrating on if Millie would pull through .The scan showed Millie had had a grade 3 bleed in her brain we got told she had a condition called hydrocephalus which has left her disabled with a lot of learning problems .
So this is a fantastic opportunity for Millie to make a dream garden so she can develop a lot of motor/gross skills that is needed for her care .
I don’t want to miss out my Alfie he is 15months now we were very lucky with him as Alfie was almost a prem as well but thank goodness they stopped it this time .
So who wants to see the garden we have at the minute and so desperately want to change .


Yep that’s it 🙁 
With a budget of £750 we are having a look over on
£315.00 Climb up the ladder up onto the veranda and enter the all new TP Forest Lodge 2 wooden playhouse. This great outdoor playhouse will transform playtime in the garden- children will have their very own mini house to enjoy (watch out for those little ones moving outdoors permanently into their new Forest Lodge, it’s that good!). When playtime in the house is done, children can swiftly slide down the wavy slide and go play in the sandpit underneath! A great value, high quality wooden playhouse that will last for years
£127.99 Acorn Growable Swing with Quadpod

The perfect combination – the Acorn Swing Frame, which can be built at low or full height , PLUS the stylishly designed Quadpod Swing Seat, which incorporates four perfectly dimentioned seats for each stage of your child’s growth. A real winner!

Circular Picnic Table with coloured seats £55.99

This charming wooden picnic table will enhance any garden or patio. The colouful seating makes this appealing to children and parents alike. Let your children have their very own picnic table for parties and barbeques.

With its quirky looks and great features, the Whacky Ranch Playhouse is not your ordinary wooden playhouse! Children will get lost in hours of imaginary playtime with this playhouse as it comes complete with a working door, multiple windows including two skylights and has a fun filled design that will engage young minds. Its funky green and yellow design also means it will look great in your garden too.
Would be good for Millie but alaso good for us as with the other one it has stairs and Millie has a lot of problems walking so would be good for when mummy & daddy have no strength left lifting Millie up as she can go in on her own .


Fresh straight out of the KBT imagination range, these snazzy little binoculars will enhance playtime and let those imaginations run riot! The binoculars will attach to most wooden play sets (using the connection piece provided) and revolves in all directions to make sure those little ones don’t miss a thing.

£35.99 Toys Hide & Seek Tunnel 1.8m
For indoor or outdoor use, this super tough TP Hide and Seek Tunnel springs up and folds down in seconds. Magic!
Now that would be a dream come true.
                                                                 Millie is getting ready digging out all the weeds.
“This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition”

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