Little Dish Party

Disclaimer:  I was very kindly sent some Little Dish products for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog .

Who are they – At Little Dish we make fresh, healthy food for kids, just like you’d cook at home.


Included in our pack are x5 Free Little Dish Meal Vouchers to take to our local supermarket .
Little dish placemat
Little dish spoon
Balloons & Stickers.
I came up to have a Little Dish party at home for the kids.

Getting set up & ready!

Alfie my son is going to be having

Chicken and Veg Risotto –
Making risotto from scratch can be a little tricky, not to mention time-consuming. Why not try our yummy risotto instead? It’s made with bite sized pieces of British chicken, tomatoes, butternut squash and sweet potato, all mixed together with softly cooked risotto rice and a sprinkle of cheddar.
Ingredients: Sauce (75%): Water, onion (18%), sweet potato (13%), chopped tomato (9%), butternut squash (8%), crushed tomato, extra mature Cheddar cheese (5%), tomato purée, rapeseed oil, vegetable stock (contains carrot, celeriac, spinach, beetroot), cornflour, basil, oregano, thyme.
Cooked British chicken (15%): Chicken, cornflour.
Arborio rice (10%).
Allergy and Care Information: Contains cow’s milk, celery. We prepare our meals with the utmost care but please double check for bones.

Yum Yum.
For My daughter Millie  –
 Fish Pie with Wild Salmon and Pollock

Cheesy salmon and pollock pie with a potato mash top and finely chopped spinach in a tasty cheese sauce. You might say: Fish? Spinach? And they’re going to eat it? Believe it or not, our tiny tasters cleaned their plates. The secret ingredient is the yummy cheese sauce which little ones and adults find irresistible.
Ingredients: Cheese sauce (48%): Milk, medium fat soft cheese, single cream, whipping cream, Cheddar cheese (6%), mature Cheddar cheese (6%), water, cornflour, spinach (3%), wheat flour, nutmeg.
Mashed potato (32%): Potato, milk, unsalted butter (4%), white pepper.
Pollock (11%).
Wild Salmon (9%).
Allergy and Care Information: Contains cow’s milk, wheat, gluten and fish. We prepare our meals with the utmost care but please double check for bones

Millie absolutely loving her meal .
Just love that you can get little dish means like these for round £2.60 & they even have inside of the packaging a coloring & puzzle activitys.
We all had a fab time thank you to +Little Dish
More information can be found at –

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