Hamster buggy bags

Disclaimer: Hamster buggy bags kindly sent me one of their buggy bags for free in exchange for my honest review for my blog .

Two bags that attach to both sides of your baby buggy.
They keep buggies steadier and provide extra storage space.
Ideal for everyday use, days out and holidays!
Your buggy will be more stable.
Your buggy will be more stable


You’ll have more storage space
Not just one, you get a pair!
Inside and outside pockets
Reflective stripe to be seen
Shoulder straps (new style)
Use after buggy stage.
Inside and outside po
You’ll have more storage space


When they item came I was very pleased to see that there was very minimal packaging ,no silly plastic coverings that you never can get into without getting red faced . Just a simple card covering around the item .
I went for the Black / Red .
As my son Alfie has a Britax red stroller so wanted to match it up with my pram.
More easy to show you the picture taken on how to attach your bags from-http://www.hamsterbags.co.uk/features.html
The top strap is wrapped around the two poles of an A frame buggy like this one, the handle and cross bar of buggies such as the Quinny or around a ‘bulge’ on the handles like the Bugaboo Bee. The general rule is that if the top straps of the Hamster bags have something to hang on to, they will fit your buggy.
Velcro straps and quick release buckles
The Velcro straps wrap aroud the frame and stay there together with the female part of the buckle. The bags have the male part of the buckles which are quick and easy to clip on and off.
You do get full inctruction on how to fit them – it only takes a few minutes to put the bags on .
                                They can pretty much fit to any buggy/pram .
We took a trip down to London’s baby show at the weekend to test out how much we could fit in and if the pram would still handle well.Loaded full of goodies from the show I transferred most of the items from my buggy clip to the buggy bags . I could not believe most of items went into it so it freed up a lot of space around the buggy .

I still had my baby changing bag clipped on to the back of my buggy as I wanted to keep that bag as it is , the amount we fitted into hamster buggy bags was a lot as still the pram was standing with no issues of toppling over .

                                                            Alfie all fine in his buggy.

At £24.99 two bags is a very good cost effective way for buggy bags as you can also use it as a shoulder bag as shown in the picture below .

What is also very good is that the bags are is interchangeable between the variety of buggies please have a look on http://www.hamsterbags.co.uk/ for a guide on buggys that are compatible for your buggy .
Highly recommend them.
Thank you to Hamster Buggys for letting us test out a fabulous invention / buggy bags for precious little worlds blog .
Don’t forget to have a look on http://www.hamsterbags.co.uk/ website & https://www.facebook.com/Hamster.Bags

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