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EasyBelts for Children, Boys’ Belts, Girls’ Belts, School uniform Belts, Made to measure belts. With EasyBelts there is a belt for everyone. EasyBelts, the belt for little hands, this belt has been designed to enable children of all ages to manage their own belt. To be able to say “I did it myself”. As our children grow they need their independence and with the EasyBelts as their first belt the task of dressing themselves is now a little bit more manageable and a lot more enjoyable. I soon realised my belts would be of benefit to all children that did not conform to regular sizes, even with trousers that have an adjustable waist, anyone that has tried them will know all that happens is the waist gathers which can be uncomfortable for the child and they still don’t always fit. With my belts, children now have the freedom to manage their own belt and for a parent it’s one less problem. As all parents know children are individuals and do not conform to a standard size, with that in mind the EasyBelts is adjustable in size and comes in a range of colours and sizes and is adjustable to fit for comfort and growth. Easybelts covers all ages for boys’ belts and girls’ belts. With Easybelts, children now have the freedom to manage their own belt and for a parent it’s one less problem.
As my 3year old daughter Millie is disabled with hydrocephalus its very important for her to keep her learning and development skills coming , we have so many problems with her getting dressed and undressed its just been a nightmare for us .
So when I saw Easybelts I thought this would be a great opportunity to get Millie involved .

What I like about the belt is it comes in so many different colours / patterns boys & girls , good for been at school as you can also have black so your kids don’t stand out and can match with there uniform.
I had a go at getting Millie to put the belt on I must say it did not go well the first few times as she does struggle with new items or places coming into her little world .

Belt seemed very Comfortable around Millie’s skirt & waist . Fabric is excellent quality and very hard wearing.

After a good few weeks Millie did keep asking if she could put her belt on this is still a work in progress with getting dressed as she cant do it yet but I hope the more and more we go on with products like the easybelt to help encourages our kids into a little extra help with easybelts .would highly recommend.

More information and prices can be found at – easybelts.co.uk/

Disclaimer –  I received this belt to trial free of charge for my own honest opinions.

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