NappyKind Boutique Baby Leggings Review

I got a chance to review nappykinds leggings for my two kids Millie & Alfie , Disclosure I did not get any items from nappykind for free but I was offered a discount for my honest review being a mummy blogger and wanting to review some items for nappykind.
Who Are NappyKind

NappyKind is a new Baby Boutique based in Leeds specializing in leg warmers for babies to preschool children, created by Sabrina and Junior.
We are both University Students who have been selling a range of baby clothes through stalls and online selling websites.When we came across leg warmers we were amazed at the design and benefits and they have become a passion of ours ever since. Click on the link below to our blog to find out the benefits of baby leg warmers. 
We were very eager to learn more about baby leg warmers and did lots of research on them. Through the research we grew strong beliefs that every parent should have the opportunity to provide their baby or young child with a pair of leg warmers. So this is where NappyKind comes in. In order to reach our goal, we decided to create an online website providing a huge range of designs both unique and affordable. Our aim is to make leg warmers an essential item for babies and young children worldwide and for all parents to feel guilt free when buying them.
Before setting up NappyKind we found and tested the best quality leg warmers as I understand how easily clothes for babies and young children need to be replaced due to their active lives. We ensure that the leg warmers will last for years!
NappyKind was born this year and we are very excited now it has launched. We hope to reach our aims of giving every parent the opportunity to try using leg warmers so they can see the benefits of them. Thank you for reading about the people behind NappyKind, if you would like to know any other information please feel free to email us or check our weekly blog updates.

Sabrina & Junior x
I went for –
Car baby leggings /    fox with a drum baby leggings    / Stripy Elephant baby leggings / Bunny & hearts baby leggings      

With the weather going down hill what a perfect chance to look at some new warm clothing for your kids.


These warm & cosy leggings with keep your little ones snug as a bug !, they are stretchy but with also keep  their shape / can be warn as daywear or even as pyjama bottoms.
Price round £5.99 GBP



My Alfie in his Stripy Elephant baby leggings, very easy to take off and on during nappy changing times.
At first I was not too sure what I would think of my little boy in leggings but I soon changed my mind when I saw him in them, he just looked so cute but also warm .


They also have lots of other items including leg warmers .

I sure will be ordering some more & other items think NappyKind are a funky site where you will not be disappointed in what you get .

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