Baker Days LetterBox Cake

I was given the opportunity to review one of  Baker Days Cakes for free in exchange for my honest own opinion for my blog .

Who are Baker Days !

Bakerdays is situated on the edge of Sherwood Forrest  can safely deliver  great celebration cakes everywhere in the UK and the next day.

The folks at Bakerdays are not just great bakers and innovators . We have developed this truly versatile colour and decorating process to create bueatiful cakes that actually taste just as if you made them yourself.

 NEW introducing the LETTERBOX CAKE  .

It’s  a small celebration cake for just one or two people. It may be small but it’s thoughtful and personalised. It’s postable and  yes it actually does fit through a letterbox.  It’s just the perfect gift to give or to send.

LARGER CAKES (8-55 portions). Personalise with your own message or and  upload your own photos to over 500 of our designs. Have it delivered the next day or pre order.

  If you like the way they look, then you will love the way they taste .     Our cakes are all handmade to order and use only the best and tastiest ingredients,  for instance ; we make our own  Buttercream, using  only  real butter .  No cheap alternatives, no preservatives, no funny stuff.

The business was founded by Andrea Guzyova and greeting card entrepreneur  Alan Hawkes,   whose passion for cakes ( mainly eating them) is only exceeded by a knack of creating the perfect cake design for every occasion.

If we haven’t the cake design you’re looking for , let us know and we will design one especially for you at no extra charge.

We are going to be reviewing the letterbox cakes ( 3-4 portions )  £14.99

As it was my partner’s birthday I wanted to get a Personalised cake from the kids one with a picture of daddy & the kids on thought that would be a nice touch .
I emailed baker days with all the information on what sponge base I wanted plus the picture and then sat back and waited for our cake to arrive .
It came the next day was very fast delivery .

I was a bit worried when its a letter box cake I was thinking hmmmmm will it be ok been put through a letter box.
When I opened the cake it was all intact .I was very happy to see all the extra bits like candles , balloons / little card to write on plus a lovely cake time with the words “Just For You ” on the top .
  I was amazed by the picture on the cake it looked so good , was wrapped up in a protective film bag covering the cake.

                                             Getting the cake all ready for Jonathans birthday ( Millie & Alfie’s daddy).

When we cut into the cake and took a bite of the lovely filling of Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake made only with Belgian chocolate –

What hit us the most was the moisture of the cake you could tell it was fresh , as with some of the other cakes you can buy in the shop they just seem too dry .
Liked that it had buttercream inside is only a thin layer I would of liked a little more in the cake but that’s down to personal preference .

I can say the cake went down a treat even Millie had some as she thought it was yummy .

On the bottom of the cake they even has all the ingredients which is always good to know . They also do Gluten Wheat Free Cake  , Dairy Free Cakes .

All in all I was very happy with all aspects of the cake down to the presentation and the taste I would and will be recommending

baker days cakes to my friends & family as I have found them excellent .
Baker Days have so many options to choose from they even have cupcakes .
So why not give them a try and tell us what you think , more information can be found at –

to Baker Days for letting precious little worlds review your yummy scrummy cakes .

 wide range of personalised cakes for all occasions from £14.99 – Next Day Delivery.

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