Noroclear hygiene travel pack review


I was recently sent the Noroclear hygiene
travel pack to try out & review for my blog –


What it is- Revolutionary
disinfectant technology now available in a handy hygiene travel pack.


Pack contains


.Noroclear pack of twenty
surface disinfecting wipes
.Noroclear pack of twenty
skin disinfecting wipes
.Noroclear disinfecting hand
.Plus plastic zip handy
travel bag to keep all your noroclear travel products in.
About Noroclear taken from‎
Noroclear is the only cleaner and
disinfectant proven to combat norovirus and kill such a wide range of superbugs
in just one minute.
Noroclear products include hand rub,
hand wipes, surface wipes and disinfecting spray. All are non-alcohol based and
100% bleach-free so is kind to your skin and to the environment.
Noroclear hand wipes and foam contain
natural Aloe Vera for gentle skin conditioning, ideal for frequent use and for
Plus our hygiene pack includes
Noroclear in the three handy sizes that will be most useful, wipes to clean and
disinfect the surfaces you will touch, skin wipes to clean off dirt, stickiness
and germs and a small foam rub to keep safe and refreshed on the move.
Noroclear was developed for
professional medical settings and is the only product for sale in the UK which
is proven by European test standards to kill so many germs in just one minute.
Noroclear kills superbugs including
MRSA, C. difficile, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and even bird flu (H1N1) in
just one minute.
It also kills the human flu, swine
flu and human corona viruses, TB causing bacteria and Norovirus in just one


*As a mum of two kids I find hygiene a paramount
and should not be over looked as my daughter Millie spends a lot of time in
hospitals as she has hydrocephalus & is in and out of  hospitals almost every week to see lots of different
Hand disinfecting foam in action,
effective against Norovirus in just one minute!
Dermatologically tested

instructions for use on the foam hand rub-
Pump an appropriate amount of foam into the palm and rub hands together until dry, ensuring complete coverage.

This I find a found a must essential item  especially for kids on the go. very handy if your kids are very keen to get back to their play and if your in a hurry .


Also find when I’m in hospital with Millie
in the play areas as we all know with other kids using toys .
Millie using the skin disinfecting
wipes they are so easy to use so no excuses people .

Both the skin wipes & rub are suitable to use on children .
Having ago at the surface wipes.
I find you only need to use one wipe as
it goes along way.

Contains: Benzalkonium chloride 0.310%
                 Didecyldimethylammonium chloride 0.940%
                 Polyhexamethylenebiguanide hydrochloride 0.866%
 have found the noroclear travel
pack very handy in lots of different situations at home and out & about
would sure recommend to all your little families.
More information and other products
in the range can be found at‎
Twitter @noroclear

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