Aqua Maris 100% Natural Nasal Spray – Junior

“Give it a go”
I got a chance to review Aqua Maris 100% Natural Nasal Spray – junior for on my 3 year old daughter she suffers from a lot of allergies & illness as my daughter has hydrocephalus she is in & out of hospital a lot of the time .
Packaging is nice & simple with full leaflet included tells you all the do & donts of how to use the nasal spray .

The Aqua Maris 100% Natural Nasal Spray – junior gently cleanses & nourishes nasal passages to provide long – term care for irritated and dry noses .
suitable for children 6 months plus.
Also found this item very handy when out & about to place into your handbag or changing bag – I also used the nasal spay of my son as he has a lot of stuffy nosies around this time of year with all the pollen and hay fever .

To use – apply aqua maris junior spray into each nostril 3-4 times daily.

it contains over 80 essential minerals and oligoelements Purified Adriatic seawater, healing abilities are profound and well documented and sea water .

My son & daughter had a cold at the same time I used the item for 1 week and It did seem to remove some excess fluid from the nasal mucous membranes, thereby decreasing its swelling and making breathing easier.


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