Unfriendly places you do not want to take your kids to.

                                 Unfriendly places you do not want to take your kids to.


As a mum of two kids I find it so important when out & about to find places that are child friendly. In this day and age you would think well hope that most are but in the case they are not.

After having a nice family day out we decided to take a trip to Huddersfield for a well earned coffee as you may know I am a massive coffee fan and almost 100% of the time we end up in
Costa Coffee,I find the staff and service very good but today we ended up in COFFEE CALI in Huddersfield as show in the picture below .

I ordered our coffees &  children’s ginger bread man, all was fine at first enjoying a nice coffee.  Some people might not know that Millie is disabled I know she doesn’t look it, she’s not in a wheel chair. She has hydrocephalus which is roughly translated in water on the brain & has a shunt fitted  which diverts the flow of fluid from her head to her belly. There is no known cure for her disability and will be in and out of hospitals all her life. It has left her quite slow and some minor and major development issues. The shunt is prone to blockages which needs urgent surgical attention. Worse case without her medical care it would be fatal.
With a 3 year old as you mummy’s & daddy’s know they get into a routine.  Millie was tapping on the saucer with a spoon we hadn’t  even finished our coffees when one of the staff, a young man came over and said give me the saucers , looking at my partner thinking at the time oh we have not finished then I dawned on me he was referring to my Millie with the saucer I said to him I can tell you don’t have kids he said back to me in a rude manner “I’m not listening to that all day” I was absolutely shocked with the tone and manner he came over and demeaned my 3 year old to hand over her saucer .
We couldn’t understand why they sell food aimed at children such as ginger bread men and juices also having changing facilities when they clearly do not want you there if your kids are screaming o
tr just simply being children. It made me upset when my little girl said the “mister has taken my dish away”. I hope you can see why this has made me so angry.
I was so very upset and never been spoken to like that before bare in mind there was also two females with there babies. Me and my partner got up and took the kids out I went up to him to say I’m sorry but my daughter is 3 years old and was born 10 weeks early and is disabled she is a child and that’s what kids do he just gave me a look and said I don’t want to listen to that all day. I still don’t know if he was referring to the noise or Millie when he said “that”. On the way out I said I will be complaining  about you and the appalling attitude you have to your customers .
I can say that I will never be going to Coffee Cali in Huddersfield again, I don’t normally name and shame but today I am, please pass this info on to other parents thank you .
Since placing this on my blog and page I’m receiving hate messages from them and their friends .

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