Review On Fairytale Castle Mirror for Enchanted Interiors


Review On Fairytale Castle Mirror for
Enchanted Interiors

I was amazed by what I had
seen on Enchanted Interiors website and was very keen to try the Fairytale
Castle Mirror with Fairytale Princess Mirror plus Mini Hearts pack .


My parcel arrived all
well and safely packaged, I was very excited so I got straight on with putting
the mirrors up.


With each mirror item
you will find enclosed a leaflet to help you on  how to apply your items to your wall plus your
adhesive pads .
Product Info –    All products are supplied with adhesive pads
and instructions for use.           
Made from high quality
3mm shatter-proof acrylic mirror.
          All products are
supplied with adhesive pads and instructions for use.
NOTE:  All products have a protective film covering
the surface. Please remember to remove the film carefully to reveal the high
quality reflective surface. See instructions for use.
Designed with children
in mind and as a result, great attention to safety and making sure all of our
products are safe for children. For this reason, we avoid small parts and sharp
edges. The acrylic we use is also completely shatter-proof. If the worst should
happen and you accidentally break one of our mirrors, you can rest assured that
it will not shatter into thousands of tiny pieces and become a hazard for your

I had a good idea where  on Millie’s bedroom wall I wanted them to go
so I started off up wrapping them and taking off the protective film then got
the adhesive sticky pads and place at few over the back of the castle first
then placing on the wall . I did the same for each item and arrange the  princess + hearts around the castle . Love
the fact the castle has little pink triangles for the
tops .

I put them how I liked
to have them you could arrange in different places it’s up to you ! .
Also Tested to make
sure that it did not damage the walls & all was fine .
 Found it very easy to apply and the best thing
about it the mirrors are not heavy at all so no need thinking what if it falls ,
they are on very securely with the adsivive pads that you place on them .
Must admit when I got
the hang of it, it feels like you want to take on the whole room with these wonderful
enchanting items .
All finished .

Fit for a little princess J

Overall these wall mirrors are of
good quality and well worth money!
Thank you to Enchanted Interiors 
Please visit   for all other product’s you can
buy .

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