Review On Lara Jill Oilcloth Changing Bag

Why i just love this bag .-
It has to be the amazing funky dots plus the butterfly design running all around the changing bag. It caught my eye as soon as I opened the package. The Lara Jill Changing Bag comes with a main compartment, two external zipped compartments …as well as two external slip in compartments It comes complete with a changing mat plus shoulder strap and hand/arm straps.

I like the style of the bag. As a messenger bag, I do go for them as I find you can fit a lot of items into the changing bag.

I found the quality of the fabric very good and useful as it has the ability to be wiped clean, the fabric is made of cotton It has being waterproofed by being treated with linseed oil.
Very good apart from the fact that I found the fabric a little stiff when unzipping and pulling the bag so I could get down to the bottom of the changing back to retrieve a toy.
Just the right amount of compartments for me. I do like a lot and find it excels at it.

The plus point for me is the side pockets you find them on both sides of the outer bag good idea when in a rush you just grab your baby’s milk with ease.

It Comes complete with several compartments to ensure you have room for all your baby changing needs.

A bit big in certain situations and with the pram, it would not fit underneath most prams so we hang it from the straps of the bag over my pram.

Good for toddler and new-born items.
Very versatile would be very good as a hospital bag or maybe a swimming bag. They even have different styles/ shapes sizes and colours to fit into your life style. The bag size I am testing is Size: 46 x 30 x 18cm.
This is ok but it can get a little tiring when carrying for long periods of time as it is a big bag and does get weighty even with very little inside.

The Lara Jill Changing Bag comes with hand/arm straps plus the option of shoulder strap that can be Adjusted for carrying of ease.
Shoulder strap is amazing perfect size and adjustable. Thickness and length also found the hand straps no problems.
Very much enjoyed using the Lara Jill Changing Bag and found that it had all the right amount of space to fit all your baby’s needs.

Yes I have recommended it to friends and family. I also think it makes a very nice gift for a new mum as it comes well presented.


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