Nuby Bath Letters and Numbers review.

I am going to do a review on nubys Bath Letters and Numbers for the bath, I previously bought some similar to these but I found the other ones I was using just seemed to be way too big and took up so much room so when the new range of nuby products came out I snapped up the opatunaity to go to a big boots store and check out the new product line from them. I must admit nuby is a very big hit in our family  .

I got the Bath Letters and Numbers product description from nuby –

.letters and numbers stick to the bathtub wall

.soft foam letters float in water

.makes bath time fun

.includes all 26 letters and 10 numbers

.suitable for 3 years +

.phthalate and BPA free.

When I got back home with my lovely nuby goodies I said to Millie my daughter right bath time lol I could not wait for Millie to try them out ohhh yes and also me yes I know but hey  .

I found no problems with the packaging of this products easy to get into always a bonus I my view the ease of opening specially when I have Millie who is almost 3 years old and Alfie who is 6 month and you know us mums always on the go no stop.

Very bright, colourful eye catching for kids with lots of nice patterns on the front. Just a little info my daughter was born 10 weeks early and is disabled because of her hydrocephalus and always has to have me in the bath with her so I get to enjoy and be a big kid at bath time’s yay.

Millie is learning to count at her specialist nursery so I also thought this was a good idea to carry on at home like that fact you can learn but also have fun I think that’s very important at that age ,The game I liked to play with Millie with the nuby letters and numbers I will put a few up on the bath wall and will ask her which one is the letter M and Millie will try to point it out then say which number is 5, she is very good at it and gets her to learn her numbers and letters but with it been fun.

I just had to do this one.

I came to the conclusion of these products that Millie ohhh and I  just both loved it. I would recommend nuby product’s to my friends and family I find they are quality products that you can trust. Providing high quality and innovative products. also on my blog Facebook page, please also take alook at the other nuby products on offer at website also they have a fantastic facebook page .

Reviewed by Hannah Staveley.


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